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Nasco Digtec. iDig 2D / 3D Distributor & Engcon ESP

iDig 2D & 3D UK Distributor

iDig 2D & 3D Machine Guidance

We are the UK's iDig distributor, with a trusted dealer network throughout.
We are excited, and very proud to be part of the iDig revolution, and to share their world leading systems with our customers.
With a full stock of systems and parts held here in the UK, we can supply a fast efficient service.


iDig 2D Touch Lite from £6000

iDig 2D Lite is here....
The new iDig 2D Lite is based on the best selling 2D Touch system.
With the same accuracy and full 2D functionality, a few a few software reductions have bought the system down to an incredible £6000.00 + Vat

2D Lite has all the functions of 2D Touch apart from:
Height alarm, reach, UR (Kobelco offset), clamshell, auger, underwater mode, 2D advanced mode, big combo and blade, flip feature, rotation (CAN-bus)

Still shareable between machines, still single & dual slope, still 1cm accuracy, and still highly efficient.

iDig 2D Touch. Replace laser checking.

The worlds best selling excavator 2D system.
Have instant knowledge of where your bucket tip is at all times.
With an accuracy of 1cm at the bucket tip, you can dig to any depth also grade single or dual slopes 360 degrees around the machine.
Take a reference from a datum point, or catch your rotating laser for 3 seconds, and your away.
The in cab display is very clear and intuitive, and the LED light bar gives you a live update of your distance to grade.
An in cab sensor monitors chassis & slew angles, so you can maintain the desired depth to grade as you rotate the cab.
NO CABLES outside of the cab, meaning no downtime for damaged cables.
One system for all your excavators. All iDig systems can be removed in seconds and shared across any sized machines.

iDig Connect 2D. Upgradeable Technology

The new 2D Connect system has all the features of the iDig 2D Touch system, but has been redeveloped from the ground up.
Using Bluetooth 5 technology, the solar charged sensors report their position 100 times per second, and monitor 6 axis, giving lightning fast positioning.
The upgraded display and LED light bar, give super clear graphics and position information.
A huge benefit of the 2D Connect system is that it brings futureproofing to your purchase. Upgrade at anytime to either 2D+ or full 3D.
Still replacing the need for manual grade checking, but with the option for replacing the need for an engineer on site too.
For 2D+ Just add the iDig Spotman GNSS receiver for constant satellite height correction as you track around site. Also use the Spotman receiver as a GPS rover for setting out or surveying, to GNSS accuracy.

iDig Connect 3D. Take control of the whole project

iDig Connect 3D is revolutionising 3D machine guidance.
Still using no cables outside of the cab, the single Spotman GNSS receiver gives accurate position of your bucket tip as you track around site.
Uploading a 3D DXF model via usb or any cloud service, will enable the operator to select lines and surfaces to dig to. Replacing the need for an engineer on site.
The versatility of our Spotman GNSS receiver goes even further, place it on a survey pole, and using our iPoint app on the android tablet, you can record points, create lines and surfaces, edit the information in the onboard CAD tab, then upload your design to the cloud ready for the machine to download.
Our remote support connectivity allows the back office to dial in to provide full support to the operator, without the need for visiting the machine.


iDig Spotman & iPoint GNSS

iDig's Spotman GNSS receiver is a compact but powerful surveying tool, with upto 34 hours of use on a single charge.

Coupled with our iPoint software on our Samsung Tablet, use it to accurately set out all your work points and collect your measurements. Numerous file import and export formats and several types of measurement and layout methods are available and guarantee instant productivity.
iPoint makes positioning in the field more convenient and thanks to its simple user interface, it is accessible even to beginners.

You can prepare your 3D data in DXF for small projects and upload it to the excavator control box without having to use desktop project software.

The Spotman GNSS smart antenna delivers centimeter precision in seconds and maintains reliable fixed RTK accuracy even in typically challenging environments.
Its quick-start feature gets you up and running within 30 seconds of powering up the receiver, making point collection faster than ever as you move from place to place.
The high-gain antenna increases GNSS satellite signals tracking efficiency by up to 30% and provides accurate, survey grade positioning when using GPS, Glonass, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS constellations.
The integrated iStar technology ensures optimal GNSS RTK surveying in all GNSS survey applications.

iDig's unique approach to machine guidance uses a single GNSS receiver, and in true iDig style, there are still no cables outside of the cab.
Coupled with the iDig Connect system, you can use the Spotman in 2D+ & 3D.

34 hours on single charge to ensure operation when you need it.
The Spotman's GNSS ultra-low power consumption dramatically improves the survey time span, and eliminates the need for spare or external batteries.
Up to 34 hours of autonomous work are achieved when operated as a GNSS RTK network rover and up to 16 hours as a RTK base station.

Spotman charges from a power bank or a standard USB-C charger.
No matter where or when the GNSS surveys are carried out, the i83 GNSS' magnesium alloy body is shock-, dust- and waterproof to ensure uninterrupted performance, even in the most demanding job site conditions.

Engcon Tilt-rotators

Engcon Service Provider

Engcon tilt-rotators bring another level of excavator efficiency.
Being an appointed Engcon service Provider (ESP), we draw on many years of electrical & hydraulic experience to bring great backup to their service network, as well as to our own customers.
From the initial enquiry, through to the installation, you will have honest advise, and full support

Plant Safety... We have your back


GKD & Xwatch partners, supplying overload and control for excavators.

With over 30 years experience in the plant safety industry, we can draw on a vast amount of knowledge and expertise to provide you with a reliable and high quality service that has been proved to be one of the best in the industry.

We strive to meet and exceed our customers requirements. Whether its a LOLER inspection or to supply and install a new system, you can rely on us to provide a fast and efficient service.

Outstanding Service


Service when YOU need it

Any product you purchase, is only as good as the company you purchase it from.
We pride ourselves in our customer service and support, and we have achieved a remarkable reputation since 1999.
All our staff will go above and beyond to ensure that you, as a customer receives the best possible service.
Whether you purchase directly from us, or one of our trusted partners, you can be guaranteed an outstanding service.


Ultimate machine efficiency with Engcon Tilt Rotators

Given the right set of tools, you can save a lot of money. The tiltrotator is just such a tool.

Easier work, lower costs and higher safety.
Quick and easy tool changes
Fewer machine moves
Better fuel economy
Reach confined spaces and hard-to-get-to surfaces
Less wear

iDig 2D & 3D Machine Guidance

✅ Interchangeable between machines in 5 mins
✅ Work with or without laser
✅ Dig to any level, single or dual slope 360 degrees
✅ Installed and calibrated in 90 mins
✅ Accurate to +/- 5mm
✅ 100 machine memory & 100+ buckets per machine
✅ Wireless technology
✅ Designed for self installation and calibration
✅ Grade 2 Blade & Auger options & much more....
✅ All systems & parts held in stock
✅ No obligation onsite demonstrations available
✅ Great finance deals
✅ UK iDig Dealer Network for Sales and Support
✅ iDig 3D Connect system now available
Special Offers and great finance deals to be had.

Whether you need service, information, or just some advise, please don't hesitate to call us - 01702 410674

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