Rail - PME Rail

PMERail - Road Rail (Hi Rail) Excavator Controller

PMERail is Prolec's premier safety control product. Designed for the Road Rail market it combines a full range of controls on load, height, slew and other inputs which are designed to comply with the rigorous UK RIS1530 and EN15746 standards. Providing primary control for any road rail equipment, Prolec's PMERail suits both Road-Rail integrator's and OEMs' units. PMERail provides a control system for the functions of a Road-Rail (Hi Rail) excavator working on rails.

PMERail monitors all functions of the machine to ensure it remains within safe limits as set out by rail operating companies. The system comes with multiple inputs and duties as standard ensuring it operates optimally regardless of rail conditions and its current orientation. The system will also provide full logging of operation and driver behaviour for later retrieval and play back and stores up to a year's worth of data.

PMERail Max/Ultra - ALO / OLE compliant systems

In 2013 Network Rail UK as part of their review of RIS1530 introduced stringent Adjacent Line Open (ALO) working regulations. The new standards intended to minimise the risk of maintenance operators working adjacent to a live (open) rail line.

Prolec has developed products specifically for Road Rail Vehicle's (RRV's) working ALO and OLE (Overhead Live Equipment). In compliance to the code, PMERail Max (ALO) and PMERail Ultra (ALO / OLE) slow the machine when approaching the "virtual wall" (view the video). However Prolec's product is unique in that it constantly monitors position at the limits and will drive the machine autonomously if it risks exceeding the wall limits. e.g. where the hydraulics may leak and allow "creep" through the wall.

Naturally the components remain failsafe and are fully compliant to the code. In addition Prolec has incorporated a fully redundant hydraulic block in their product which provides consistent and repeatable control compared with alternative products that leave the hydraulics to the individual installer. In the controlled environment of the rail industry, a big plus!

Having a Prolec ALO / OLE compliant Road Rail Vehicle means that you can work right to the edge of your safe zone and stop reliably every time. Also with the recent launch of the PME2D integrated machine control we are pleased to offer an ALO / OLE compliant system which can be used to maintain safe working limits whilst also offering 2D machine control for digging operations.