PM1 - Simplified Piling Monitor

PM1 is Prolec's simplest machine guidance product for the piling industry. Using a simplified operation, this system guides piling and drilling contractors to the correct alignment of the pile/drill head. A simple light system guides the operator to "true" and allows accurate placement of piles.


  • Piling
  • Drilling


  • Ground engineering
  • Suitable for:
  • Piling rigs
  • Drilling rigs
  • Specialist machinery

PCX Piling - Advanced Piling Guidance

Ground engineering is a specialised earthworks application that requires advanced solutions that can meet a broad spectrum of customers' requirements. Prolec offers off-the-shelf packages and customised solutions for a variety of drilling and piling equipment, including continuous flight auger (CFA), driven piles and rapid impact compaction (RIC). The systems have proved exceptionally valuable in marine piling applications.

Machine control can be either 2D or 3D, where a digital terrain map (DTM) is uploaded to the cab of the drilling or piling rig. This DTM contains all the information relating to pile X and Y co-ordinate positions and in some cases Z for elevation. The system uses GNSS positioning equipment to ensure centimetre accuracies. In addition to the GNSS sensing technology, Prolec's angle sensors can be mounted on the mast of the rig to provide an accurate measurement of pitch and roll, which is relates to the verticality or slope of the pile or bore hole. Measuring the verticality allows extremely tight vertical and slope tolerances to be maintained. In ground engineering applications, machine control benefits include:

Reduced site setting out - No need to mark each position, so no requirement for additional personnel to guide the operator to the next position. This increases productivity and safety significantly.

Traceability - Each completed pile or drill position is fully annotated, including positional co-ordinates with a time and date stamp. Extracted data can be used in conjunction with "as-built" data.