Height Control - PME100 & Heightwatch 6

PME100 - Height Limiter and 2D Envelope Monitor

PME100 allows operators to limit the working height of any articulating machine dynamically, repeatably and automatically. This unit works reliably and intuitively to maintain a safe working height in restricted areas, such as in tunnels.

Like all PME products, PME100 can be upgraded to use other functions simply and quickly through software changes to provide control on lifting, stability, machine envelope and cab protection.


PME100 is a fully featured height limiting system that will also provide cab protection, monitor machine bucket depth and control reach on articulating equipment. The system is configured using Prolec's proprietary "engine" so will model any lifting plant by simple set-up changes and utilises robust, easily viewed, hardware to provide maximum control. The system will also provide full logging of operation and driver behaviour for later retrieval and play back plus stores up to a year's worth of data. When combined with suitable hydraulic controls the system will lock out movement into pre-defined unsafe situations.


  • Fits any lifting equipment with virtually no hardware change
  • Simple intuitive set up and display of height
  • Maximises range by monitoring all articulations
  • Easily upgraded to include slew, load or guidance functions
  • Configurable using input data or OEM load charts

Suitable for

  • Excavator (multiple articulations possible)
  • Telehandler
  • Cranes (to EN13000:2010)
  • Backhoes (forward and rear buckets possible)
  • Forklifts
  • Special purpose machines

Heightwatch 6 Basic Height Limiter

Heightwatch 6 is a stand-alone height monitoring safety system designed to limit the maximum angle, and therefore the height, of a single fixed length boom.

Heightwatch 6 is a very simple system to fit and to use. With limited functionality and simple key switch operation it provides the minimum necessary control on height when working in a restricted environment. If the maximum safe working height limit is exceeded, visual and audible alarms are activated.

Prolec offers a higher specification PME100 system for full and controllable height limitation and recommends users install this system for height limitation needs.


  • Height limiters


  • Height Limiters
  • Machine envelope monitoring

Suitable for

  • Excavators
  • Wheeled loaders
  • Flails and mowers
  • Demolition rigs
  • Specialist equipment