2D & 3D Digging

PME2D - 2D Machine Guidance

PME has changed the way the safety and control products work. PME2D continues the journey towards an integrated, single source for your control and safety needs.

PME2D is unique and it replaces our standalone 2D guidance product, Digmaster, with an integrated system built on PME's hardware platform. You can integrate any PME safety feature with this machine control product. PME2D will also install as a standalone system and is fully compatible with any PME product you may want to add later.

When integrated with a compatible PME safety product, PME2D maintains all preset limits (height, slew, cab protection, depth) while operating the guidance system. You can operate safely and in compliance with codes and site rules with only one hardware solution working together. No other manufacturer can offer you this combination of safety, productivity and control in one easily installed and easily calibrated product.

PME2D offers all the features you'd expect from a 2D guidance product providing accurate and quick grade control in common civil engineering applications. Pre-set profiles allow you to dig to depth or grade to a known profile first time without under/over cutting, saving you time, rework and excess material. Tool addition and measurement has been radically improved as well as simplifying choosing and editing of slopes, cross sections, trenches and simple grading. All designed with you, the user, in mind.

The upgrade of any existing PME system is a simple as adding another "app" to your phone and installation is just as simple. If using with an existing PME system the calibration will be carried over from your current installation saving even more time.


PME2D offers an integrated user experience combining PME hardware with the productivity benefits of machine control. Any existing PME product can include PME2D via a simple upgrade or you can install PME2D as a standalone system. All PME systems are cross-compatible. Upgrading is as simple as adding another "app" on
your phone. When combined with PME safety solutions PME2D maintains all pre-set limits (i.e. height limits, slew limits, cab limits) allowing you to operate productively and safely in any mode. 2D guidance offers productivity gains without the complexity of GPS and can be installed by any competent fitter. Especially if it is an upgrade to a PME safety system.


  • One system/many jobs
  • Works with existing PME safety systems
  • Virtually no extra hardware required
  • Maintains pre-set safety limits even when digging
  • Productivity gains by removing re-work and reducing checking
  • Material savings and lower fuel use

Suitable for

  • All excavators (multiple articulations possible)
  • Backhoes (incl on-rail versions)
  • Road-rail (hi-rail) excavators (incl tandem lifting)
  • Cranes and other on-rail lifting plant

Digmaster Pro - 2D /3D Machine Guidance

Digmaster Pro is a flexible product for excavator machine guidance allowing operators to choose between working in 3D or 2D according to need. Compared with similar systems Digmaster Pro has superior functionality and display so the operator is better able to utilise the system's capabilities throughout the working range. With extensive configurability and options the display can be tailored to show exactly what is required at any point in the excavating cycle. Import of files is simplified through the use of Prolec's unique "Pro Job" software allowing multiple file formats to be easily converted to the most efficient terrain map and then similarly exported on the completion of the job. The program will run almost any positioning (GNSS) system so you are guaranteed hassle free set up and wide applicability regardless of the positioning solution on site.


  • Superior display for ease of use and personalisation
  • Icon driven menu allows use in any language and without extensive training
  • Industry benchmark for speed of operation and response
  • Productivity gains in double digits through efficiency and removal of waste
  • Consistency of operation regardless of skill level

Suitable for

  • Excavators
  • Backhoes

PCX Pro - superior 3D Machine Guidance

PCX Pro provides absolute flexibility in configurability, while maintaining the responsiveness and clarity of all the ProSuite products offered by Prolec. Unrivalled in the market, the system allows operators and managers unparalleled functionality from a standard system. In addition, it offers a range of options for marine and specialist works including cable grabs, drilling rigs, piling rigs and barge-mounted excavators.


  • 2D digging
  • 3D digging
  • Dredging
  • Drilling and piling


  • Mining and quarrying
  • General earthworks
  • Dredging and marine engineering
  • Ground engineering

Suitable for

  • Excavators
  • Backhoe loaders
  • Barge-mounted cranes
  • Crane-mounted grabs
  • Piling rigs
  • Drilling rigs
  • Specialist machinery