iDig Machine Guidance

iDig Machine Guidance

We are the UK No1 distributor for the iDig 2D system

Fast and easy setup
Installed and calibrated in around 1 hr (professional) or 2 hrs (operator 1st time)

Many advantages
Wireless sensor technology allows easy installation and portability.
Transferable between machines in 5 minutes. 100 machine and 100 bucket memory.
No cables on the equipment = no costly cable damage or downtime
Depth, single or dual slope, and distance easily set on screen
Referenced to a known bench mark or site laser
Accuracy of +/- 5mm throughout the working range of the machine
Newly released Grade 2 Blade enables the blade to be laser tracked across site.
Our 20th anniversary special offer price:
Standard Mono-boom machine setup £6500.00 + Vat inc free fitting

iDig Machine Guidance

Increase productivity, time and money

- No need to constantly stop your machine to check grade.
- No need for a grade checker for grade control. All information is shown in real time to the operator in the cab.
- Eliminate the grade checker in the hole and over digging thanks to a better accuracy.
- Average pay back is less than 3 months

iDig Machine Guidance

iDig System is made for site conditions

- With the RF connection you remove the need for cables
- Solar charge eliminates the constraints of regular charging and need for batteries
- The iDig is compact, durable and waterproof
- Work with a ground reference or a laser
- Calculate slopes to reproduce profiles in the same way.

iDig Machine Guidance

Install your iDig by yourself easily

- Installation and calibration of the iDig System can be done by anyone in less than an hour thanks to the intuitive software and patented system.
- Animations and images guide the operator step-by-step.
- At each start-up, the iDig automatically recognises the machine and the bucket by simply rotating the bucket.

iDig 2D Machine Guidance System

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