iDig 2D Machine Guidance

iDig 2D Machine Guidance

We are the UK No1 distributor for the iDig 2D system with our own iDig Dealer Network

Fast and easy setup
Installed and calibrated in around 1 hr (professional) or 2 hrs (operator 1st time)

Many advantages
Wireless sensor technology allows easy installation and portability.
Transferable between machines in 5 minutes. 100 machine and 100 bucket memory.
No cables on the equipment = no costly cable damage or downtime
Depth, single or dual slope, and distance easily set on screen
Referenced to a known bench mark or site laser
Accuracy of +/- 5mm throughout the working range of the machine
Newly released Grade 2 Blade enables the blade to be laser tracked across site.

No more manual grade checking. Dig it once, dig it right, with iDig & Digtec

iDig 2D Machine Guidance

Increase productivity, time and money

- No need to constantly stop your machine to check grade.
- No need for a grade checker for grade control. All information is shown in real time to the operator in the cab.
- Eliminate the grade checker in the hole and over digging thanks to a better accuracy.
- Average pay back is less than 3 months

iDig 2D Machine Guidance

iDig System is made for site conditions

- With the RF connection you remove the need for cables
- Solar charge eliminates the constraints of regular charging and need for batteries
- The iDig is compact, durable and waterproof
- Work with a ground reference or a laser
- Calculate slopes to reproduce profiles in the same way.

iDig 2D Machine Guidance

Install your iDig by yourself easily

- Installation and calibration of the iDig System can be done by anyone in less than an hour thanks to the intuitive software and patented system.
- Animations and images guide the operator step-by-step.
- At each start-up, the iDig automatically recognises the machine and the bucket by simply rotating the bucket.

iDig 2D Machine Guidance System

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