Specifications sheets

PME100 - Height Control
True Height monitor and control for:
Excavators, Telehandlers, Cranes, Backhoes, Forklifts.

PME200 - Load Monitoring
Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) with load on hook as standard, and the option to include height/radius control.

PME300 & 300+ - Slew Control
Slew monitoring with control with the option of virtual wall monitoring.

PME400 - Envelope Monitoring (height & slew)
With all the functions of PME300+, and including height monitoring and control giving complete envelope protection.

PME500 - Load Monitoring with Height & Slew
Giving total control over load , slew, and height.
Combining PME200 & PME400 all in one package. Also capable of sectional slew duties

PME700 - Demolition

PME2D - 2D Digging

Digmaster Pro - 2D / 3D Digging
Our cost effective solution to basic 2D guidance with the option of adding laser referencing.

PCX Pro - Ultimate 3D Digging
The top of the range machine guidance system that covers all bases. From pile positioning to marine based dredging the PCX Pro is suitable for a wide range of applications, which delivers first class results.

Weighloader - On Board Weighing
On board weighing solution for front end loaders, and articulated dump trucks. Enabling fast accurate loading cycles.

PM1 - Piling Monitor

PCX Piling - Advanced 3D Guidance

Heightwatch 6 - Basic Height Limiter
Cost effective single angle height monitor with control.